First Aid for Hip Fracture in Seniors

First Aid for Hip Fracture in Seniors

Elderly people are prone to a number of injuries. And the most dangerous of these is a hip fracture. The condition may require the use of complex therapy and a long rehabilitation period. It might also cause the development of severe complications that can prove fatal for senior citizens. To provide first aid to older people diagnosed with a hip fracture, you need to know the typical symptoms of the disease:

  • Pain syndrome, localized in the groin area. An elderly person feels pain while moving or with light tapping on the heel of the injured leg.
  • Trauma can lead to a slight rotation of the injured limb in the outward direction. The occurrence of this symptom can be determined by the position of the foot.
  • Shortening of the limb. Occurs due to the violation of the integrity of the bones, when the muscles, during contraction, tighten the injured leg closer to the pelvis.
  • “Sticking” heel. The patient retains the ability to bend and unbend the leg, but there is a possibility that the heel may slip.
  • If you suspect a fracture, you must immediately call an ambulance. If an elderly person needs to be transported to the hospital, then the following guidelines must be observed:
  • Lay the patient on their back on a firm and plain surface. Do not attempt to move the injured limb to a “normal” position. In no case should an elderly person be allowed to rise and move independently.

For severe, unbearable pain, an elderly person needs painkillers. If they are in a state of shock, does not speak, try to calm the patient, give them valerian tincture or Corvalol. In the case of an open fracture, treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide or “green paint”. When bleeding, pull the leg with a tourniquet.

  • Immobilize the injured leg immediately (use a tire of any available means – boards, plywood, etc.).
  • If an elderly person has a hip fracture during the cold season, warm up the leg to prevent frostbite.
  • Carry the patient on a stretcher or hard & plain surface. On the road, the driver should not exceed the speed of movement, in order to avoid further damage to the patient.

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