Tips On How Seniors Can Be Proactive And Help In Managing Chronic Conditions

Tips On How Seniors Can Be Proactive And Help In Managing Chronic Conditions

Chronic health conditions can be difficult to keep at bay when we are aged. Besides relying on your health care provider to manage your chronic condition, there are also many other simple things you can do as an empowered patient or an engaged patient. If you have any chronic health condition, then the following tips can help you a great deal in helping manage your condition.

  • Maintain all the copies of radiology results and laboratory results

Radiology results and laboratory results are very important because they are the key to having a detailed understanding about a particular chronic health condition, such as whether it’s poor or good control, or how severe the condition is. When you keep these results, you will be giving your new doctor an easy time to make sense of your health condition quickly and in a better way. So, obtain and safely keep your own copies of radiology and laboratory results.

  • Bring a trusted person or a relative during your routine health visits

A companion is very helpful and all elderly individuals should not visit their caregivers alone. When you bring a companion, it means that there will be an extra person who will be taking notes on everything that your doctor will be saying. A trusted person will also ensure that there are no any important concerns or questions left unaddressed. A companion can improve physician and patient understanding. Furthermore, companions are very helpful especially when a senior citizen has memory concerns.

  • Keep an up-to-date list of all the chronic conditions you have recently experienced

Knowing exactly what chronic condition you are having is an important step in making sure that you get nothing less than optimal care. Most elderly individuals do not know of some diagnosed chronic conditions which have been documented and recorded in their health charts. Keeping your own health records and keeping track of what the doctor recommend should be done is very important because it will make you to be an active participant in optimizing your own healthcare.

  • Do your own research on how to manage chronic health conditions in seniors

In some cases, your physician may fail to provide you with outpatient care as recommended by the clinical guidelines. So, it’s your duty to ensure that a physician is offering you the right outpatient care and recommended non-drug options that most physicians usually overlook because of their busy schedule. You can do this with a 2020 best medicare supplement plan quotes at You can only know the right care you should be offered if you have done research about the chronic condition and how seniors with that particular chronic condition should be treated.